Dating Russian Girls

Common Myths About Russian Women Revealed

Stereotyping people is always a hazardous road to walk down on, as we all know, in cultures all over the world people are different. We are all individuals, but in becoming those individuals, we can of course not completely see past the common experiences of a collective culture. We are... Read More »

Cultural Differences Between The East And The West

The fact that there are major differences between how easterners and westerners approach life is not just a figment of a cultural fantasy, but very much a thoroughly researched cultural fact. And with the rapid development of a hardcore individuality, many western men seems to be a little bit at... Read More »

All About Russian Dating Sites

The online Russian dating sites comes in all way, shapes and forms. They range from your typical date site to the more serious commitment type of service. So you will have every opportunity available to you, whether you are just in for a quick business meeting and you are looking... Read More »

5 Russian Dating Scams To Watch Out For

Preying on someone‚Äôs emotional desires is one of the most common, and sadly enough one of the most lucrative, scams out there. Since it exploits our human vulnerabilities and takes advantage of deeply rooted emotions of wanting to be loved, it is also effective in a way that other scams... Read More »

Why Marry A Russian Woman Anyway?

It takes a lot of hard work sometimes to be looking for love, it can be emotionally challenging as well as time consuming, and if you are a red-blooded man living in the west, it is sometimes easy to start to develop a somewhat cynical attitude to the whole quest,... Read More »

Why Do So Many Western Men Marry Russian Woman?

This has been a topic of some debate for quite some time, because the love affair between western men and eastern women is certainly not something that just recently popped out of the sky. But one thing that we can state with certainty is that this love affair has intensified... Read More »

Tips To Find And Date A Beautiful Russian Single Woman

It can not have escaped anyone the huge explosion of internet sites related to internet dating. And with the worldwide popularity that Russian women have, there are plenty of professional sites dedicated to this particular nationality. So if you are looking for a woman that displays a blend of the... Read More »

The Best Places To Meet Hot Russian Ladies Online

Yes, you are well on your way to entering into one of the best places to meet hot Russian ladies online. The best places have the most beautiful women on their members list from all over Russia. Since they are held in such high regard, and are renowned for their... Read More »

Russian Women Unzipped

The traditional roles of a male has come under increasing pressure and questioning in several western states, and this has meant that many men has lost their footing a little bit, not quite knowing what to do and where to go with their masculinity. Now, the popularity that Russian women... Read More »

Russian Mail Order Brides- Do They Exist?

The short answer is: yes they do. But the term mail order bride has gotten a very derogatory aura, and a lot of people seem to confuse it with simply putting and order in, paying for the shipment, and then having a beautiful bride show up on your doorstep. But... Read More »

Russian Mail Order Brides- Can You Really Buy One?

It is high time to wash away the myth that a lot of people, westerners in particular, seem to harbour in regards to the online Russian dating world. Inherited in Russian culture is a deeply rooted longing for the traditional way of life, at least regarding relationships, and that is... Read More »

Russian Dating Scams And How To Avoid Them

The Russian dating scam is no different then any other type of scam, in the fact that it preys on our very deepest desires on an emotional level. It targets the very basic foundations of what it mean to be a human, playing on hope, lust and love only to... Read More »

Russian Dating Revealed

Russian dating is significantly different to western dating in many aspects. First of all, in western dating, the occasion has lost some of its original allure. It used to be something that was filled with excitement and quite a bit of jangled nerves, and of course it still is on... Read More »

Russian Dating- Does Age Difference Matter?

The short answer to the question posed in the title is: no. No it does not. Russian women, particularly those who have gone through the efforts of posting a profile on one of the many serious Russian dating sites, are not simply looking for someone that will look good by... Read More »

Russian Dating Agency Or Marriage Agency- How To Choose

Well, there is a difference, although traditionally, Russian women have a view on dating that is far more serious than western women, there are still those that are not looking for a marriage to begin with. And even within the dating categories there is a wide spread of alternatives, since... Read More »