5 Russian Dating Scams To Watch Out For

Preying on someone’s emotional desires is one of the most common, and sadly enough one of the most lucrative, scams out there. Since it exploits our human vulnerabilities and takes advantage of deeply rooted emotions of wanting to be loved, it is also effective in a way that other scams may not be.

The “too good to be true” warning signs are more easy to ignore, hidden as they are behind a thin veil of strong emotion. But there are some typical signs that the lady that you thought was the love of your life may not even be a lady to begin with, but just a pretty face on an organization based on operating professional online dating scams.

There are a number of instances where a scammer can request a money transfer without it becoming too obvious that things are not quite what they seem. And they usually take advantage of Westerners’ view of Russia as somewhat of the wild, wild east, where rules and regulations are just there to be broken.

It often starts with the promise of a meeting, but for the girl to be able to make the journey over she will need a passport and a Visa. And being a poor girl from Russia, she does not have the funds to pay for it. They usually try to take advantage of foreigners’ belief that Russia is all the way corrupt, and that is why the Visa costs twice or even three times as much as the officially given rate.

Another effective method is to pretend to already having bought the airline ticket, but the extra cost of getting travel insurance is just not possible for the girl as she has just spent her every last dime on buying a ticket in order to be able to come and meet you. With the reassurance of the girl already having bought a ticket, many men feel it is a safe bet to pay the extra cost of the insurance on her behalf.

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Sometimes they also claim that they need to have cash, not to spend, but to show for customs upon departure and for the embassy in order to obtain a Visa. The tricky thing about all these scams is of course that they are all based on some truth. But having cash when you are going on a journey is a way for customs on both side of the border to make sure that you are not going to do illegal work in your destination country. Most times, if you have a just reason for what you are entering the country for, and if you have someone in the destination country that can validate your stay, you will not need to have a load of cash on you.

Playing the emotional card of illness and emergencies is another common scenario used in online dating scams. As the girl, or rather the bait, have got you head over heels in love, and she is just moments away of flying over to see you, usually something drastic happens. She or a relative of hers suffers some type of illness or is involved in a serious accident. Being a gentleman, you do not want to start off your relationship by denying to help her with her dying mother.

Remember to keep your eyes open and your mind clear, so you will not become a victim of an online dating scam.