Common Myths About Russian Women Revealed

Stereotyping people is always a hazardous road to walk down on, as we all know, in cultures all over the world people are different. We are all individuals, but in becoming those individuals, we can of course not completely see past the common experiences of a collective culture.

We are always affected by society in the creation of our own identity, no matter if we oppose certain things that are generally adopted or if we take them to heart; in either instance, it helps define and shape us. That is of course true for Russians and Russian women as well.

But then there is a vast difference between culture and myths about that culture, and one long lived perception in a lot of peoples minds is that Russian women looking for western men are only after one thing: to be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

No while having security is an important factor in many relationships, Russian women are often very driven and ambitious, and with the type of educational system they adhere to, they are well into their careers when many western girls are barely out of college. The Russian women’s attraction to traditional values and family life should not be mistaken for a lack of commitment and drive.

They have the intelligence and the will to do something with their lives, but for many Russian women, “to do something” wholeheartedly can also mean to fully devote themselves to a family life. There is no shame or loss in prestige in that.

On the other hand, there are many Russian women looking for the best of two worlds, to dedicate their passionate hearts to something outside of the family as well. In any case, the myth about Russian women being lazy and just sitting at home waiting for a hand-out is certainly that: a myth.

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Quite the contrary, life in Russia is in many ways much rougher than it is in most western countries, forcing men and women alike to grow up faster, to adopt a generally more mature attitude towards life early on. So a Russian bride may look young and innocent, but beyond that frail surface is a person that stands with both her feet on the ground, and who knows what it mean to work hard for everything that you get in life.

Now, Russian women do spend a lot of time and puts a quite substantial effort into their appearance. For a lot of people this is interpreted as just a shallow display of vanity, but for a Russian woman her looks are an essential part of how you present yourself as a person, and physical beauty in Russia is not viewed in the same condescending manner as it is in the west.

You are not automatically judged as an air-head just because you look good, quite the contrary, there is respect to be gained for a woman that presents herself with style.