Cultural Differences Between The East And The West

The fact that there are major differences between how easterners and westerners approach life is not just a figment of a cultural fantasy, but very much a thoroughly researched cultural fact. And with the rapid development of a hardcore individuality, many western men seems to be a little bit at a loss, seeing how the traditional values and core structure of family life is slowly becoming more and more eroded as a working career has become the name of the game for western men and women alike.

The Russian society and way of life still holds a tighter bond to the traditional values. Russian women, although many times highly motivated in their professional career, still seem to hold the family life in a higher regard than their western counterparts. Feminism is another topic that really has planted its roots deep into the cultural core of the western world, and with many people feeling that marriage and raising a family has also taken a knock.

In the west, if you are looking for that type of relationship the culture of political correctness will almost view you with a condescending compassion. A women dreaming of her prince in shining armour is in the west an outdated cultural reference.

In Russia on the other hand, it is still not only viable, it is natural. That is what attracts a lot of western men to these eastern countries in the search for someone to spend their life with, with the gender roles seemingly up for grabs in the west; in the east, the interactions between males and females are still largely based on traditional values.

Many western men seem to find comfort and security in the fact that in the east, a man is still allowed to display the traditional features linked to what it means to be a man, and Russian women do not seem to have the same issues with combining a successful career with playing on their femininity.

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Sexuality and femininity has not been stigmatized in the same way in the east. In the west, it is of course always there as it is a part of our natural urges, but it has been pushed away from the publicly sanctioned arena to the peripheries, where as in the east it is still regarded as a natural law that a women should always try to look her best no matter in which type of circumstances.

So a meeting between the west and the east is a meeting between two modern cultures, but the east is still more deeply rooted in traditional values and that is largely what seems to attract western men to Russian women.

It is a question of a power balance, but more than that marriage is imbedded in the cultural psyche of Russian women to larger extent than to western women. In Russia, there is still no shame in a women searching for her prince to sweep her away on his white horse, and as long as this cultural gap exists between western men and western women we will see many more east/west couples ride off into the sunset.