Russian Dating- Does Age Difference Matter?

The short answer to the question posed in the title is: no. No it does not. Russian women, particularly those who have gone through the efforts of posting a profile on one of the many serious Russian dating sites, are not simply looking for someone that will look good by their side, they are very much in for the grand prize of true love.

And as we all know, love is blind. And love is most certainly not hung up on age. Even though a profile picture is essential for anyone looking for online dates, it is not essential because Russian women want to reject you due to your looks or your age, instead it is related to something deeply human, a necessary urge to have a face on the person that you are corresponding with.

But a good thing to remember is that Russian women are classy, they do not go for sloppy appearances and rude behaviour, they want men that know how to dress and conduct themselves, and they want men that know how to treat a woman with respect.

In general, the Russian ladies on a marriage agency site or dating agency site, are looking for a deeper, meaningful relationship, and in that quest, age has no bearings as all. As long as the two of you have the right chemistry, you can be any age. For a Russian woman, the chemistry is truly the most important thing. She needs to feel wooed and appreciated, she needs to have a man that can offer her security as well as excitement.

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There are several studies done on younger Russian women marrying older western men, and most of those relationships display a rather healthy statistic when it comes to staying together for the long haul. This can be traced back to several reasons. One is that Russian women seem to reach a mature state of mind earlier on than their western counterparts. They are forced to face a reality that is substantially harder than the realities of most western women, and that fact makes them grow up a lot faster and also makes them a lot less spoiled.

Another thing is that they tend to come from a culture that still regards marriage and family life as sacred and honourable things. They will not run away and scream divorce as soon as the relationship shows a few signs of problems. They are intent on sticking it out, on working through whatever issues that you may encounter.

Another reason is that they are very keen on keeping the flames of desire burning. They will not jump into an overall as soon as they are home – instead they are determined to stay sexy and desirable in the eyes of their husbands.

Russian women are also by and large less complicated than western women, since they often have seen the true realities of a hard life, they tend not to make a big issue out of nothing.