Russian Dating Revealed

Russian dating is significantly different to western dating in many aspects. First of all, in western dating, the occasion has lost some of its original allure. It used to be something that was filled with excitement and quite a bit of jangled nerves, and of course it still is on some occasions but the phenomenon has worked its way into the western cultural psyche as somewhat of an everyday routine. It is something that you can do on a Friday night, just as well as you could go out and have few beers with your friends.

The date is not surrounded with high hopes for the future in western culture, but rather with an easy-going attitude of “let’s see how it goes”. In Russia, the situation is diversely different. A date is a special thing, it is something that you carefully plan for and something that you can look forward to with as much anticipation as you await Christmas as a little kid.

Russian women take dating seriously, and they go through quite some lengths just to knock you over with their appearance alone come date night. They have truly taken the phrase “dressed for success” to heart, because going out on a date with a Russian woman will if nothing else provide you with a feast for the eyes.

They will not set-up a date with you simply to show up at the restaurant with a feeling of seeing how it goes. They come there with high hopes, and if they have chosen you as their designated date, remember that they have probably not been short on other offers. So you need to bring your a-game to the table.

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A Russian date is surrounded by the old-fashioned, traditional values of male-female courtship. They expect a man that is a gentleman out to his very fingertips. They want a man that knows how to treat a beautiful woman, and not a rude boy who thinks he is too cool to hold a door open for his beautiful evening companion.

And they crave romance. You can have a fun date, a wild date, a crazy date, you can plan your date however you wish but you have to always remember to put the romance in there. It has to be flowers and lit candles at some point, it does not matter if you think it seems too much of a cliché, from Russian women, romance is a thing that they can never get enough of.

Also remember to always treat them with respect, and remember that their sexiness is there for you to enjoy with your eyes only up until the point that they will let you know otherwise. And do not sit down and start explaining the way the world works to a Russian woman, she is likely to have made some quite interesting experiences of herself, and in order to get to know a Russian woman, you have to be able to listen.