Russian Dating Scams And How To Avoid Them

The Russian dating scam is no different then any other type of scam, in the fact that it preys on our very deepest desires on an emotional level. It targets the very basic foundations of what it mean to be a human, playing on hope, lust and love only to provide a broken heart and a significantly lighter wallet.

The internet scam generally utilizes the picture of a beautiful Russian woman to spark the attention of western men looking for a traditional relationship. The flirty internet romance then quickly turns into a question of money, since the female “bait” needs a substantial contribution money-wise if she is going to be able to fly over for a visit.

Needless to say, love is blind, and even if you as a man go into this experience with your eyes open and fully aware of the risks, it can be easy to ignore the warning signs when deep emotions has started to develop towards someone you are hoping to become your future wife.

More often than not, after the first contribution of money is sent to help finance the woman’s trip, she will run into problem, and discover that her trip is surrounded by hidden fees for different types of documentation that is crucial for her journey. Once in, it is psychologically hard to back down. After all, the woman of your dreams is only a few hours away, even if it seems to be a pretty substantial amount that she needs in order to get the right stamp in her passport, what is a few dollars when it comes to love?

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The problem is that the problems keep coming. A skillful bait even creates some kind of Romeo and Juliet situation, complaining about the whole world seeming to be opposed of their love. This is a way of binding the man even closer to her on an emotional level, diverting his stress from constantly having to send more money from being directed with suspicion towards his future bride, and instead making it about a joint struggle against the powers that be.

A few common denominators that dating scammers often use and that should make your feet a bit cold, are asking for money related to the process of passports and Visas. But it can even be taken to the extreme, where the bait paints a threatening picture of a life and death situation in which she, or someone close to her, owes money to the Russian mob and if they do not pay… well then.

Most western men have an almost inherited notion of the Russian mafia as one of the most ruthless organizations in the world, and the mere mention of them and that they pose a threat against the love of their life is sometimes enough for the man to throw all caution to the wind.

A golden rule to take to heart should be that no money whatsoever should change hands before the two of you have met, and you no for sure that your internet bride is not just a pretty face on an ugly scam.