Russian Mail Order Brides- Can You Really Buy One?

It is high time to wash away the myth that a lot of people, westerners in particular, seem to harbour in regards to the online Russian dating world. Inherited in Russian culture is a deeply rooted longing for the traditional way of life, at least regarding relationships, and that is why we have seen these types of marriage agencies from Russia for a long time.

But people that think that the intelligent and beautiful women at these sites are for sale better think again. It is time to transform the derogatory aura stamped to the phrase “mail order brides”, so that people see it for what it really is: Russian women longing for a deep and meaningful relationship.

This is not prostitution. Russian women at these sites do not simply sit around and wait for the first best man to come along and show off his fat wallet, it does not work that way. And if you think that it does, you should probably try your luck elsewhere.

These women are the other part of a healthy relationship. They want the chemistry, they demand the respect, and they need to feel a deep surge of emotions that you can not simply analyze or dissect, that weird blend of feelings that we have labelled as love.

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So the phenomenon that gave cause to the phrase mail order bride does exist. Since there is a big attraction between western men and Russian women, these types of services has been around for a long time, and what we have seen in recent years is even an increase in the number of men that are looking for a Russian woman to be by his side.

The popularity is related to the soul of Russian women, that they do not confuse softness with weakness, that they do not put down traditional feminine characteristics, but rather they are brought up with a certain sense of pride in possessing character traits that are significantly different from most men’s, and the political climate in Russia has not made sexiness into something bad and wrong.

So, since modern society has made its entrance in a big way since the first days of the “mail order brides” service, we should rather update this service to e-mail order brides, and should once and for all squash the myth that surrounds