Russian Mail Order Brides- Do They Exist?

The short answer is: yes they do. But the term mail order bride has gotten a very derogatory aura, and a lot of people seem to confuse it with simply putting and order in, paying for the shipment, and then having a beautiful bride show up on your doorstep. But that is not the case.

“Mail order brides” has become a phrase that describes an online dating or marriage culture, that essentially does not differentiate itself all that much from traditional dating. It is still about getting to know each other. And even if a lot of the initial flirting and chatting is taking place in the virtual world instead of the physical, it is still an equally essential part of online dating as it would be for a dinner-and-movie in real life.

So a mail order bride has nothing to do with buying another human being. The Russian women that sign up as members are not simply looking for the first, best foreigner to come along and pay for their airline ticket. That is a long lived myth that simply is not true. Most women are not desperate to get out of Russia as many western men seem to think, but with the romantic notion of marriage instilled in them from an early age, they are willing to sacrifice a lot in order to find true love.

Naturally financial security can be important to many people, but that is not to say that Russian women by and large are gold-diggers. It is not unreasonable for a woman to be looking for someone that is financially stable, but that is not the same as being after someone purely for his money.

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And time and time again, Russian women prove that love comes first, and that the special chemistry that sparks between two people that feel a mutual attraction slowly graduating into love, is what it is really all about. That goes beyond everything else, money, power, status and looks. When that special feeling hits them, a Russian woman will pursue it no matter what obstacles stand in her way.

So if the question relates to the phenomenon that gave raise to the term “mail order brides“, then yes, the marriage and dating agency culture still do exist, but it may be time to wash away the misleading stamp of “mail order” from these events, as it is more related to the common human urge to find that special someone to share their lives with.

It really has nothing to do with ordering anything. It is a process that involves getting to know someone, both online and in the flesh, and seeing of the personality and character of two people can blend into a functioning marriage.

Russian women are not there to be bought by western men, they are there to seduce and be seduced, to be loved and to offer love, and to hopefully fulfil that childhood dream of getting the opportunity to have a family and raise children of their own.