Russian Women Unzipped

The traditional roles of a male has come under increasing pressure and questioning in several western states, and this has meant that many men has lost their footing a little bit, not quite knowing what to do and where to go with their masculinity. Now, the popularity that Russian women enjoy nowadays is nothing new, but the extent to which this east-west love affair plays out has seen an obvious surge in latter years.

Some try to link this phenomenon to the global crisis that has seemed to hit not only the western economies and societies particularly hard, but also their self-image. Now a catastrophe is of course something that wreaks havoc in its way, and the effects of having suffered one can be long lasting. But it can also be the sudden jolt some people might need to be taken out of the rut that they have gotten stuck in.

It seems like plenty of men, with the threat of economic recession and future hardships, have decided to once again free themselves of the politically correct bondage of being a softer, updated version of a male stereotype, and are once again looking for the security of the traditional gender roles.

And there are no women that correspond to that need better than Russian women. They are brought up with these values close to heart, and in their eyes a real man is still the hunter and the provider of the family. They have not sacrificed their physical appearance on the altar of modernity – quite the contrary – they have developed their own unique blend of sexiness and intelligence, showing that having one of those traits does not necessarily have to exclude the other.

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Being beautiful and proud of it is something that is becoming increasingly linked to Russian culture and Russian females, as they have never adopted the kind of western feminism that seem to be based on getting rid off the gender roles altogether. Russian women still thrive on the lustful attention of a real man, they are not afraid to play on their naturally inherited sense of sensuality and they believe physical attraction to be a key part of any male-female relationship.

In doing this, Russian women seem to be filling a void on marriage, dating and relationship markets worldwide. Western men are looking for relationships with women that do not make them apologize about being a traditional male, but rather a relationship that embraces and celebrates the differences between man and woman.

Western men are looking to be and feel attraction again. And for the most part, Russian women are able to fulfil their wishes. And with the romantic dreams of happily ever after still very much a vivid reality in the minds of Russian women from an early age, this fairytale promises to hold a happy ending that has been lost among the divorce statistics in western societies.

The east and west love affair is likely to continue for a long time to come.