Why Marry A Russian Woman Anyway?

It takes a lot of hard work sometimes to be looking for love, it can be emotionally challenging as well as time consuming, and if you are a red-blooded man living in the west, it is sometimes easy to start to develop a somewhat cynical attitude to the whole quest, as love can almost seem to be a trend that is starting to feel a bit outdated in western culture.

Well, in Russian culture it is not. The women here are still brought up on the childhood dreams of true love and a lifelong companionship, and in comparison to a fiercely independent western women, their hearts are a lot more open to making a commitment to begin with.

In Russian culture, intelligence and ambition do not have to eradicate warmth and compassion, which is two character traits that are held in high regard by Russian women, and one of the main reasons why so many western men choose to pursue a relationship with a eastern women.

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As we in the west move increasingly towards a structure where a married woman almost is seen as someone to take pity on, in Russia it is still a strong tradition and has a deeply rooted value that makes Russian women eager and prepared for married life.

To many western men, the attitude and appetite for other things in life other than career that many Russian women possesses becomes a welcomed respite from the power hungry negotiations that has become a natural part of western dating.

The myth that finding a Russian woman on a dating site is comparable to simply ordering a bride to be delivered to your doorstep is actually more applicable to western dating, as it has become a calculated exercise, a ritual that is less about love and more about what you do in life and how much you earn.

The increasing amount of men that are searching for Russian women online is a reaction to the increasingly cold climate of the western dating culture. Western men want to rediscover those traditional feminine values that seem to have gone missing in a culture that celebrates cut-throat competition in every department. They want a woman that is not afraid to embrace her femininity, they want someone that does not regard taking care of their appearance as losing the battle against the male perspective.

A Russian woman takes pride in her looks, and she likes to look her best for every occasion. To be sexy and to be appreciated by men for it is not something that makes a Russian woman feel cheap, quite the contrary, their culture still celebrates the n