4-Russian-Dating.com is a site for men who feel they have searched through every street, through every market and still find themselves coming home to an empty house at the end of the day. This site shows real compassion and knows exactly how you feel and want out of life. This site offers a large variety of single Russian women who are looking for that special someone, just like you!

4-Russian-Dating.com features 20,000 beautiful Russian ladies all ready for you to contact them. You have the ability to scroll through more than 70,000 photos of Russian brides that are sitting at home alone and waiting for you to write them. Well what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there get started!

They offer you three different packages that will enable you to write the Russian woman of your dreams. At the platinum level you are able to choose up to 100 addresses each month from all of the current profiles, they add anywhere from 150 to 300 new and exciting Russian girls each week. More for the choosing! After choosing the platinum level you are offered access to the site as well as updates every month. This level of membership is available for $95.00 per month, which is your payment for the month plus an activation fee. After the first month, all of this is only $19.95 a month.

The gold level allows you to obtain between three to 13 addresses for a cost of $7.00 each. You simply order the addresses of your chosen Russian woman and voila, you may have just found your future wife. The silver level is great for those wishing to test out the site. For only $9.00 per address, you have the ability to obtain 1 to 2 address of the Russian women you choose. If you think you have searched the world over for THE ONE for you think again. There are many women on this website waiting for that someone special. Why shouldn’t it be you?

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These membership levels will give you postal address for the women you desire, if your future Russian bride has an email address they will also give you that at no extra charge. Why are you still reading this? Get started and find your perfect match today.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there!!! 4-Russian-Dating.com offers a wide variety of other services, besides just obtain addresses of your dream Russian women. They also offer a phone translation service. This helps you overcome the language barrier between you and your chosen lady. If the woman you have chosen has a call me now icon on their profile, you can call her and talk with her about anything at all, and translation is provided to you. Why not send a gift and show the Russian woman you are interested in, that you are truly interested! This site offers a gift service that will allow you to send flowers or a gift directly to whomever you want to.

They also provided you with information regarding how to obtain a visa for your fiancée, all the information you would ever need regarding bringing the woman you love to you is right on this site. This site thinks of everything, they will even help you arrange to travel to meet your future Russian bride. They offer helps with visas and finding a hotel, the only thing you have to do is get there!

Website: 4-russian-dating.com

URL: http://www.4-russian-dating.com/

Ease of use: Excellent, everything is right there and upfront. No searching for what you’re looking for.

Selection of Ladies: overall I say an excellent choice of Russian ladies. These women are real women that are looking just like they are everywhere in the world. The first impression is always lasting and I’d say they have an excellent range of women.

Our Star Rating: 9/10 – over all an excellent site, easy to use and upfront

Contact info:

7227 North 16th Street, Suite 240
Phoenix, AZ 85020
(602) 553-8178
fax (602) 468-1119

American or Russian owned: American