With more than 8000 active profiles is the most reliable Russian mail order bride service in the former USSR. In their profiles these beautiful Russian ladies, share with you their height, weight, child situation, religion and photo images, along with a glimpse into who they are, and what they are looking for in a man. If you’re that man, then get out there and find your Russian bride. is fast, letting you know immediately if the Russian girl you are interested in has any interest in you without the long wait. Your letter is translated free of charge by a professional, ensuring the accuracy of your correspondences with your Russian lady.

You can write your own ad for free, which can include your interests, a photo image and what you are seeking. With 200 to 250 checked Russian girls personal ads added weekly to their catalog whose backgrounds are personally checked. This Russian dating site has one of the largest databases of profiles, by working with multiple Russian dating agencies all over the former USSR.

This site offers a Romance Tour, where you attend a social which is booked in 5 star hotels and strictly for the social, having two or three floors allows for up to one thousand guests. A beauty contest is often held, where you and the other men are the judges, 10-25 beautiful Russian women to every man is the normal ratio. During every social there is 50 plus staff members in attendance to assist you in whatever it is you may need. The services of 3 to 4 of the largest Russian marriage agencies are acquired to ensure the women attending are serious in their search. On hand as well are professional interpreters ready to help bridge the cultural gap.

Ukrainian Bride Secrets Revealed
A Russian/Ukrainian visa may be required and the price is $209.00, with at least a months notice and will get you a 30-day tourist visa. A $400.00 deposit that is not refundable is required to reserve your spot on the tour. Your second deposit’s amount depends on the package that you purchase, payable 60 to 40 days before your departure. With a total balance of $1000.00 being required no later than 30 days prior to departure.

If you find out about the tour late and still want to join, as long as its 14 days prior to leaving , providing space is available due to a cancellations, so be quick in getting your reservation in for your romance tour of Russia. If you would like, you can send these Russian beauties of your choice flowers which are $15.00 a rose, along with a bottle of local champagne which is also $15.00, and a $25.00 surcharge for delivery on each order. You can take part in their phone introduction service which is as low as $3.99 per minute and an interpreter is present throughout if needed.

If any question ever comes up about a Russian women being fraudulent an investigation is launched and if the person is found to be falsely using the service, your money is refunded. is a family run Russian bride service which is a member of the American society of travel agents as well as the central and eastern Europe travel board in addition with the Bangor region chamber of commerce. This site has been featured on multiple television shows such as, The Daily Show, Jennie Jones and 48 hours, on top of networks in Japan, Germany, and France. This site has an 80 person full time staff, making them a leading standard in Russian dating.



Ease of use: This site has easy navigation is well designed, and very informative.

Selection of Ladies: has a wide variety of Russian and Ukrainian ladies to choose from, all searchable by height, weight, age, etc. You will be spoilt for choice. Enjoy!

Our star rating: 8/10* – Very nicely done and put together.

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