The beautiful Russian and Ukraine women profiled on Aurora Dating. Com are well educated and looking for their loving American husband. In their profile they provide a detailed description, a photo image, their height and weight, in addition with their religion, child situation and what they are seeking in a man. All you need do is search through them looking for what you want in a woman and maybe learn some of the Russian dating customs.

This sites free first letter service allows you to write an introductory letter to the Russian ladies of your choice, if your having trouble writing your letter the site provides some writing tips to assist you in coming off correctly. It is suggested however that you become a member, a fact that will be noted on the letter you send increasing your chances of getting replies and shows you are serious in your search for a Russian bride.

As a member you get full unlimited access to all the women’s contact information, which includes e-mail address, phone number and postal address. Membership is $30.00, $40.00 and $50.00, you remain a member until your account runs out of money, you pay for the translation of letters sent and received, many of the Russian girls will have working knowledge of the English language, if not it is necessary for a translation which is $0.02 per word. A live translator is available for phone calls with non English speaking women for only $2.00 per minute helping you greatly towards the achievement of your goal. With new profiles added all the time there is no reason not to use this Russian dating agency to find your Russian lady. As a side note the female clients are free to all services.

You can search through the profiles by entering your own criteria, age, height, etc., or if you know the Russian girls personals ID number then you need only to enter that. Also you can search for an English speaking Russian woman who has enough English skills to correspond with you. This site allows you to search through its photo album of women free; $10.00 allows you to order a profile’s contact information.

Ukrainian Bride Secrets Revealed

Aurora Dating.Com customer service strives to make your search as easy as possible with a high level of professionalism proving themselves as one of the premier Russian bride services around.

The site warns about sending money to any women, requested or otherwise, and asks for all letters asking for money to be sent to them directly. For $120.00 you can get a background check done on a woman to protect you against scammer’s, which is a major problem in International dating, make sure you are smart in your pursuit.

The site has links to other Russian dating sites and Russian mail order bride sites that they recommend, also e-books on international dating and Russian woman translation services sites. You can receive a newsletter letting you in on all the site news and showing you some of the new profiles added

Website: AuroraDating.Com


Ease of use: Site is well put together with an eye pleasing design, navigation is easy.

Selection of Ladies: Aurora Dating. Com has a very pleasing selection of beautiful ladies, all searchable. The photos are professional done but portray slightly more credible pictures then some other sites.

Our star rating: 4.5/10* – A nice site with a lot of information. One thing did concern us. The web site is littered with Google Adsense adverts, which take people away from the site, if they are clicked on. Are they trying to tell us something?

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