Since 1995 LoveMe.Com has been responsible for many of engagements resulting in thousands of satisfied grooms with beautiful Ukrainian brides. With over 30 years of combined experience in foreign woman romance tours, this site is the largest and most respected romance tour company on the Internet.

Sixty percent of this site’s business is through client referrals to over 40,000 beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women selected from 600,000 applicants. If you would like, you can have new matches sent directly to your inbox every weekend and on top of choosing height, weight and age, you can choose different religions and whether or not they have children, so time has come for your own foreign affair.

A list of the tour schedule can be found on the site providing information on the dates and what city or cities are included in your search for your Ukrainian and Russian lady. They provide tours for 1 through 5 city trips, for the one city tour prices range from $3595.00 through $4095.00, for the two city tour prices range from $5395.00 through $5695.00, three city prices range from $6695.00 through $6995.00, for the four city tour prices range from $8495.00 through $8695.00 and for the five city tour it is $9995. Airfare is included in the pricing so reserve your tour for the perfect Ukrainian wife or Russian bride and see just where your heart leads you.

Ukrainian Bride Secrets Revealed

Through the local Ukrainian dating service’s office of your tour city, you will receive hard bound catalogs filled with profiles. You can meet as many women as you like through a Russian or Ukrainian social, so your whole trip will be spent dating beautiful women, most of whom will have knowledge of the English language. And if you find the love of your life who does not know English so well, a translator is always present. After the social you get to pick the women who sparked your interest and you can see them privately over the next few days. Everything for your date is handled, even the procuring of tickets to the venue of your choice. A hospitality suite within your hotel is also available to you offering customer service and Internet access.

Love Me.Com has been featured in articles for such reputable magazines and newspapers as The New York Times, Maxim, BBC News, The Washington Post and many others. They have been seen on television stations such as Discovery Channel, and CNN among others, also there are hundreds of testimonials from people just like you who were seeking beautiful Russian ladies and who found happiness on their International Romance tour. A feature film called A Foreign Affair was made showing the experience of two American brothers in their search beautiful Russian bride through an International dating agency.

Website: LoveMe.Com


Ease of use: Site seems a little intimidating when you first view it due to tons of links filling up either side of the pages, but after a little looking around it becomes easier besides that navigation is simple, you just need to find the correct link you want to click.

Selection of Ladies: The ladies of Love Me.Com all seem happy and are very different from one girl to the next. There are many options to choose from to find the Russian or Ukrainian of your dreams. So get clicking away!

Our Star Rating: 6/10* – Way too many links, but overall a good site.

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