The website is a seemingly simple one with few links and those who get easily lost in a website need not fear. It is a marriage agency only so those who are looking for fun – lay off! clearly states that they do not want any frivolous men or women. To quote them – “we do our best in order not to have light-headed women”. Yes, their English is terrible!

The website offers translation services but seeing the content on the website, you never know what your letters will read as once translated into Russian by them – that’s a risk you have to take if you are brave enough to gamble your money with them.

The number of profiles on their website is not very impressive. They have a little more than 400 Russian women and girls listed. To make things simpler for you, they do have a search engine where you can specify you own parameters like age, weight, height, marital status, keywords etc. claims to screen every lady and conduct a background search before adding her profile on their website. They also give you one piece of sound advice – never send money to these women. If the women even hint at money, they probably are scammers. The website wants to portray that they take a strong stand against scammers – “we give up easily with dishonest clients” – though what they mean by this is well, best left unsaid.

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Selection of ladies: The website has a little more than 400 profiles listed. The photographs are interesting enough and so are their statistics. The problem lies with their description. You might find it difficult to understand it sometimes, as the actual message got lost somewhere in the translation.

Pricing: If you want a trial membership, it’ll cost you $5. A year’s membership can be got for $150 – a fair deal. The website is expensive if you want say, 1 address costing $15.

Our Star Rating: 4/10* – At best, the website can be termed average. The ladies’ profiles are fine but the total number is not very remarkable. The translators used are no good as can be made out on reading the web content – if this is their best, can you imagine what your letters will sound like?!

Contact Info:

7426 Alban Station Blvd., Suite B-208
Springfield, Virginia 22150

In Russia:
P.O.Box 202, Kazan, 420066, Russia
“WOMAN” magazine

Phone: +7 8432 439839, + 7 8432 184888
Fax: +7 8432 439819

E-mail : The website has an online form where you can submit your queries or complaints. If you want to report scammers, contact :

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