Russian-Brides-Service. Com is a Russian marriage service with its head office in Kazan, Russia. Established in 1996 it was soon joined by partner offices in other Russian cities and Ukraine. This Russian dating agency uses many different methods of advertising, however word of mouth has been one of its leading successful means. The beautiful Russian women who they accept as clients are there because of their longing for marriage and their interest in new surroundings.

They are educated women looking for happiness. Due to successful marketing women are free, providing you with a more vast selection of ladies to make a connection with. The confidence of the clients is this site’s highest priority ensuring confidentiality and individuality by helping every client until the end of their experience with this partnership of Russian dating agencies.

In their profiles these Russian girls and Ukrainian women provide you with a detailed description of themselves including their, age, eye color, religion, height, weight, if they have children, and whether or not they have been married, along with other vital information you need when choosing a Russian bride. The photo images allow you to see who you want to make contact with. All the Russian girls personals are in this site’s catalog of women containing nearly one thousand Russian ladies, and you can search for your match using your choice in, zodiac symbol, how good they speak a certain language and other choices.

Perhaps you should learn some Russian dating customs, so you can add that to your own profile, in which you can include, your height, weight, age, what you are looking for in a match, if you have kids or want them, and maybe even a piece of your personality, providing these women with a glimpse into you, and proving your desire in being successful with Russian marriage. When you post a free ad your profile gets added to their printing catalog which is available for women only in the main office in the city of Kazan. Your ad will work for 3 months, or until you decide to remove it.

Trial membership is offered for $5.00, allowing you to view the catalogue, send unlimited introductory letters and receive one reply from each interested lady. For $45.00 a month on the silver plan you get unlimited e-mail exchange with one or two women, also their address and phone number. Golden membership is $55.00 a month, you are allowed up to five addresses and phone numbers, in addition if you are not satisfied with only 5 addresses per month you can purchase one address for $15.00 up to fifteen addresses for $125.00 and can upgrade from silver to gold for $15.00. Phone conferences are also an option, for $20.00 you get a ten minute call, all the way up to $45.00 for forty five minutes.

Ukrainian Bride Secrets Revealed

This site offers a testimonial page of real men who have had successful relationships in marriage by using this service, offered as well is a sitemap which shows many useful links, such as visa support, shop links, and dating support links, as well as business links, wedding links and adult links.

Web Site: Russian-Brides-Service.Com


Ease of use: Easy to navigate, a little plain.
Selection of Ladies: Russian Brides Service. Com has a very nice selection of down to earth ladies that can be searched, also they have a random search which might net you’re future missus.

Our Star Rating: 4/10* – Better layout then their sister site, same selection of ladies just a different layout. Also web site has a brown background with white copy – not very good for the eyes!!

Contact Info:

Address in the U.S.A.
ChanceForLove Dating Service
P.O.BOX 27244
Lansing, MI
48909, USA

Address in Russia:
Russia, Kazan, Chistopolskaya str.5 , suite 12-19.
Phone: + 7 (8435) 439839, +7 (8435) 184888

American or Russian owned: Both