Here’s something different if you are tired of dating and want to travel. You can try your luck with Ukrainian women. What’s so special about them? Well, you’ll know only if you visit them. is a website that deals with marriage – minded Ukrainian women.

The website has a database of about 900 women, which is being updated regularly. All of these women are looking for serious relationships and possibly marriage. Visit only if you have serious intentions, as it is not cheap. (corny name, don’t you think?) charges you a fee of $100 for signing up. What does this go towards? Hmm, good question! You can browse the ladies profiles and choose about 15 – 20 prospective brides. Contact the agency with this list, some nice photographs of yours and an introduction letter for the ladies.

What will do is, they’ll pass on your letter and photographs to all the ladies you want. The ladies will express their interest to the agency but not write back – the website claims that girls do not like writing letters – how dumb can you get?!

You have to then go to Kiev in Ukraine, where all the ladies live, and meet them. Everything will be arranged by the agency. The tour costs between $750 & $1000 – raise your eyebrows as high as they’ll go, but this is what the website does! They do not sell addresses of the ladies to protect them from unwanted letters – again, you did read that right! If you are an “upscale gentleman” and just don’t have the time to look up girls of your “type”, you can pay the agency $500 to start the headhunting process on your behalf.

Ukrainian Bride Secrets Revealed



Selection of ladies: You still want to know about the ladies? Alright, here goes. The website has a database of about 900 women and girls. You can see their photographs and a brief profile about each. These photographs have mostly been done by their in-house photographer, so trust it only as much as you absolutely need to.

Pricing: For $100 all they’ll do is send your introduction letter and photographs to the ladies and “evaluate your chances”!

Our Star Rating: 1/10* – All that the website seems to be interested in is ripping you off. They charge $100 to evaluate your chances and the girls don’t even write back! Any other website would just let you use the search engine, free! You need to personally visit Kiev by arranging a tour with them for which again you have to pay in advance. It seems to be one of the scams everyone warns about, but, of course this is an individual opinion, you can check it out for yourself – the home page itself is – well, am lost for words! My advice – buyer beware!!

Contact Info:

24 B Mikhailivs’ka St Office 80a (first floor)
Kiev 01001

Phone: +38044 578 2837, +38067 508 8669, +38044 278 8363


Owner: Ukrainian