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Weathervane Ball

Antique Vintage Primitive Lightning Rod Weather vane w/ Ruby Red Glass Ball


Full weathervane set-up/ 2.5'' & 4.5'' GLASS balls/ roof mount/ROD&DIRECTIONALS


Red Fox Weather Vane weathervane Robbins Lightning 564


Weathervane Copper Lightning Rod #701 with Choice of Ball Robbins Lightning


Poodle Dog Weather Vane weathervane Robbins Lightning 519


Girl with Umbrella Weather Vane wind weathervane Robbins Lightning 528


Boxer Dog Weather Vane weathervane Robbins Lightning 532


Roadster Weather Vane race car hot rod weathervane Robbins Lightning 527


Full weathervane set-up/ 2''&4'' ant.finish copper balls/mount/ROD&DIRECTIONALS


Masonic Weather Vane Mason Masons weathervane Robbins Lightning 601


Full weathervane set-up/ 2.5'' & 4.5'' GLASS balls/ROD&DIRECTIONALS----NO MOUNT


German Shepherd Weather Vane sheperd dog weathervane Robbins Lightning 566


Sun Moon Star weathervane extra large,NSEW,GLASS BALLS,ROD,SOLD AS SHOWN.


Antique Style Weather Vane wind copper ball directional compass 701


Antique Style Rooster Weather Vane Glass Ball weathervane Robbins Lightning 702


Bull Weather Vane cow Angus cattle barn weathervane farm 516




Rooster Weather Vane chicken farm barn hen weathervane Robbins Lightning 510


Unique weathervane set-up/ 2.5'' & 4.5'' GLASS balls/ ROD& DIRECTIONALS


Wabash Train Weather Vane railroad steam engine coal boxcar 524


Kansas Jayhawk Weather Vane KU weathervane University Robbins Lightning 568


COPPER BALLS LARGE quality antique 4.5'' & 6.5'' for weathervane/ LIGHTENING ROD


Schooner Boat Copper & Brass Table Top Weathervane Rod/Directionals/Spacer Balls


Top weathervane COPPER BALL for weathervanes or lightening rod 2'' , polished


Whitetail Deer Weather Vane buck stag hunter hunting lodge cabin wind 576


Horse Weather Vane standard breed weathervane bred barn Robbins Lightning 521


Horse Prancer Weather Vane rodeo weathervane show pony Robbins Lightning 511


Scottie Dog Weather Vane Aberdeen Terrier weathervane Robbins Lightning 514


Bi-Plane Weather Vane airplane biplane weathervane pilot Robbins Lightning 567


Nebraska Cornhusker Weather Vane NU Husker weathervane University Big Red


Copper Finial - Ball Design


Hampshire Hog Weather Vane Duroc Poland China Yorkshire Modern Jasper pig A335


Replacement Ballbearing - Ball Bearing - Weathervane Accessory


Golfer Weather Vane golf ornament golfing swing 529


4.5'' and 2.5'' BLUE glass ball set for weathervanes


6.5'' RED GLASS BALL for weathervanes OR LIGHTENING RODS


Walking Pheasant Weather Vane hunter hunting lodge cabin prairie wind 574